Oil rigs silhouette over orange sky with helicopter landing

We’re involved in the early stage discovery, exploration and development of oil and natural gas deposits. Our experienced staff of consultants are based in pivotal countries inside the South East Asian region.

Whilst we’re mobile and available on a global basis for consulting and joint ventures, we believe that we have the perfect skill set to mediate the contested areas on the South China Sea. Whilst we’re affiliated to no particular national locus of control, we see collaborative efforts among many nations to continue to explore and develop the rich hydrocarbon reservoirs in this relatively untapped area.

Golden Oil are in the camp of the pragmatists that believe that natural resources are not worth going to war over, so diplomacy and respect should be the order of the day.

Our strength is in our experience. The recent oil exploration crash was the worst in history, and at the time of writing, yet still our industry moves forward. Training, exploration and development pulled back on a percentage basis, but never stopped.

Renewables have not filled the gap between the aspirations of a green populace in many countries, and are unlikely to any time soon. We realise that mining for rare earths to create EV car batteries, then to charge them with coal powered plant electricity is not the way forward.

At the time of writing, green shoots are appearing in the global oil and gas business, and at Golden Oil we’ll be proud to be part of an efficient and conscientious industry.