Collaboration among equals

Gas Rig flaring at sunset off the coast of Ireland

One of the things that I love most about the oil industry is how we’re all equals on the rig or oilfield. If we compare the market cap of the main oil companies, and the smaller service providers there is an enormous gulf. If you were to look at the pay slips of all of the staff involved in a project, there will be a huge difference in renumeration…

Out at work though, we’re all the same, at least this is how the best and brightest teams operate. Everyone has their own area of expertise, the thing that they do better than everyone else. Not just inside the project, but among peers in different industries around the world!

From the Rig Superintendent, to a sub-contracted electrician or construction worker, there’s something about the risks, and rewards that get us exhibiting our best behaviour. The challenges and dangers sharpen the mind, and the sense of teamwork allow us to get the toughest jobs done ahead of schedule.

At Golden Oil Corporation, we believe that this phenomena is valid among workers, but also among partner companies. We’re happy to fit into a team consisting of salaried workers from national oil companies, or small dream teams of problem solvers. It’s our attitude and commitment that sees us through.

Even though we’re very small, out in the field we feel like giants, among the very best that humanity has to offer.

Partnering with like minded people and companies, to push the boundaries of safe and efficient work practices, and balanced books!

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