Geo-politics and supplying a population with what it needs

oil and gas industry worker with golden fuel-storage tanks at sunset

As a company, we’re going to be very careful about what we say in the future in relation to political battles and power struggles. Firstly, we don’t know all of the facts that are in play in any one dispute, we also don’t know what is being said behind the scenes among high level diplomatic negotiations.

What we do understand, is that citizens in every country need food, water, shelter and energy, nowadays this should be a basic human right for the whole of the planet. This is not the case in many places, certainly from the point of view regarding affordability as well as access.

It’s obvious however, that there will be a level of brinksmanship and bluster, as different political leaders and captains of industry jostle to fulfil their obligations. These obligations aren’t just to their companies and political parties, but to every man woman and child in their home country.

Affordable energy is the foundation not just of progress, but of basic civilisation itself. Whilst we prefer that the decision makers play fair, and act with utmost integrity, we won’t get involved when it appears that they don’t. Partly because we don’t have all the facts, and partly because we’ve decided to operate in an apolitical way.

This is the only rational way to do business nowadays, to focus on our own contracts and obligations, and leave other jobs to those that specialise in them.

We’re all leaders, just in different areas, no matter how grand (or modest) they might be.

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